Aug 18, 2009
Jonathan Landeros

Using the Command Locator

Applies to:  Autodesk Inventor 2010

By : Jonathan Landeros


The new Ribbon UI has been the source of some discussion. Is it good or bad? I'm sure there are a lot of opinions on the subject. The old interface (now called the ‘Classic Interface’) has been around since at least R4 (when I started), and certainly goes back further than that.


The opinions I’ve heard are varied, but speaking for myself, I like the new toolbar. I like the extra room it gives me for my model browser, and as I'm getting more used to it, I find that I'm indeed moving through the commands faster.

But, no matter what side of the discussion you're on, there's no denying that there's a learning curve involved.

Fortunately, there's a 'Command Locator' that will help us find the new commands on the new Ribbon UI. It’s located on the ‘Getting Started’ tab, pictured below.

This lets you see a list of the commands the way they’d appear in the Classic Interface. When you choose one, it’ll tell you where it’s located on the new interface.

Just select the command from the Classic Interface, and the Command Locator will show you where it is located on the Ribbon Interface.

I’d recommend giving the Ribbon Interface a fair chance. I think once that initial learning curve is over, you will come to like it.

If you do prefer the Classic Interface, there is no need to be alarmed. It is still available.

You can set it back by going to the ‘Tools’ tab, choosing ‘Application Options’, and picking the ‘Colors’ tab on the Application Options screen. Circled below you can see where to change from the Ribbon UI to the Classic UI.

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