Sep 24, 2009
Nicole Morris

Large Assembly View Management

Applies to:  Inventor 2008 and to Current


Creating drawing or section views of large assemblies often takes a long time to generate. The culprit is often the preview.   Inventor is taking time and system resources to create and move this preview. 


Reducing the preview to a bounding box in the application options will help by eliminating this process from creation of views. This is an application option so it will only affect your system.

Go to Application Options>Drawings Tab. 
Under Show Preview As…
Select Bounding Box or Partial. 
Check Section View Preview as Uncut. 
When you create views you will not be able to tell which view you are creating so it helps to be familiar with your assembly’s orientation. 
Capacity: Memory Saving Mode - You can select Memory Saving Mode if your system is low on RAM or experiencing memory performance message. This option will NOT speed up the performance and may even have an adverse effect on speed but can help with memory performance.
When you do create a view of a smaller assembly or part, you can always select the Preview Icon at the bottom of the Create Drawing View Dialog Box to go back to All Components Preview for a single operation. .

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