Jun 09, 2010
Jorge Fernandez

Cannot activate my Alias for Inventor

Applies To : Inventor 2011 and Alias 2011


I have Inventor and Alias Design, I would like to install Alias for Inventor but it won’t let me activate it.  Alias Design will activate on standalone no problem, and my Inventor network license activated just fine, but I can’t activate Alias for Inventor.


If Alias is a standalone license and Inventor is on a network license this configuration will not work to use Alias for Inventor.  You will have to call your account rep, and request to change one of your license configurations, below are supported and unsupported license configurations for Alias and Inventor in order to use Alias for Inventor:

Inventor 2011 Alias Design Does it work?
Network Network Yes
Network Stand-alone No
Stand-alone Network Yes
Stand-alone Stand-alone Yes

How the network license of Alias Design will work when used with Alias for Inventor,

• The license of Alias Design will not be used when only Inventor is used
• When Alias Design for Inventor is activated, the licenses of Alias Design will be used.
• To release the license you have to exit Inventor.   Closing to losing or finishing Alias Design for Inventor will not release the license.