Simulation Moldflow

Simulation Moldflow
Simulation Moldflow
Simulation tools for injection molding

Autodesk Simulation Moldflow provides simulation tools for injection mold design, plastic part design, and the injection molding design process. The software guides you through setup and results to show how changes to gate location, material, and geometry affect manufacturability for thermoset and thermoplastic materials.


Multi-CAD import
Simulation Moldflow helps you evaluate a range of potential plastic part designs regardless of where the 3D CAD data comes from.

Simulation Moldflow can import Rhino, Alias, and NX files directly.

Heating and cooling of plastic injection molds
Determine temperature variation in an injection mold during a plastic injection molding cycle.

Understand the cycles required from production startup until the mold reaches a stable temperature and rapid temperature cycling of enhanced mold heating elements.

Fiber orientation in plastic part designs
More accurately predict the orientation of short and long glass fibers—including long fiber breakage.

The resulting material properties can be analyzed for accurate mechanical performance.

Design optimization
Simulation Moldflow Insight design of experiments (DOE) capabilities are expanded to all mesh types, molding processes, and simulation tools.

Design of experiments (DOE) helps to better optimize the design and manufacturing of injection-molded plastic parts.

Shrinkage and warpage simulation
Evaluate plastic part and injection mold designs to help control shrinkage and warpage based on grade-specific materials and processing parameters.

You can output accurately compensated models for tooling or further geometry modification.

Thermoset flow simulation
Simulate thermoset injection molding, RIM/SRIM, resin transfer molding, and rubber compound injection molding.

Geometry modification
With Simulation Moldflow, you can use Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion software to modify or simplify geometry.

Specialized molding processes
Simulate a wide range of plastic injection molding processes and specialized process applications.

CAD interoperability tools
Use tools for native CAD model translation and optimization.

Material data
Improve simulation accuracy with precise material data on more than 8,700 grade-specific plastics.

Get additional materials tested, expert data-fitting services, and extensive material databases with the Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Plastics Labs.

CAE data exchange
Validate and optimize plastic part designs using tools to exchange data with structural simulation software.

CAE data exchange is available with Autodesk® Simulation Mechanical, ANSYS®, and Abaqus® structural simulation software.

Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Communicator
Collaborate with manufacturing, engineers, suppliers, and external customers using the free Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Communicator software.

The Simulation Moldflow Communicator results viewer enables you to export results from Autodesk Simulation Moldflow.


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