KETIV has added two powerhouse engineers to our team— Jonathan Kriek and Omar Arriaga.

Jan 14, 2015

Got a challenge that’s tougher than typical? Get to know Jonathan Kriek and Omar Arriaga. These guys bring talent and experience to solve some of the most vexing issues you’ll face.

Jonathan is the Manufacturing Solutions Engineer for Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Automation solutions. Jonathan started writing his own programs at an early age. He has a broad command of the engineering process, which fuels his ability to find new ways to automate engineering procedures. He loves to save time and money through creativity. For one customer who needed to stamp hundreds of printed drawings manually, Jonathan found a way to automate the process and saved the customer hundreds of hours.


Omar is KETIV’s Simulation Solutions Engineer. Omar grew up in Mexico and went to Cal State Long Beach for his BA and MA in Mechanical Engineering. Omar’s Master’s project was the design and fabrication a mechanism to assist disabled people to reach cabinets—a perfect test of his engineering knowledge. Omar has provided frontline and in-depth product support forSolidworks™ SIM products worldwide. Where Omar really shines—applying FEA to improve processes. 


Contact these professionals to help you reach your business objectives at 866.465.3848 or email Jonathan or Omar.

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