KETIV Datamax™

How do you manage your data? Everyone on the team wants to find the most recent, most accurate data effortlessly and immediately, right? But administering this mountain of documents and related data can be a fulltime job.

We've helped countless companies reduce time to market and avoid costly mistakes by managing their engineering data and release cycle more efficiently. As product designs evolve and become more complicated, data management provides a traceable and secure environment that protects you from unintentional overwriting of designs or providing manufacturing with the wrong version of a drawing.

Our advanced implementation services, which include the following steps, ensure that your design process requirements are identified and effectively addressed.

  • Configuration of advanced user securities for files and folders
  • Configuration of revisions and lifecycles
  • Implementation of electronic engineering change orders (ECOs)
  • Integration of CAD Bill of Materials with enterprise systems
  • Data replication for multi-team collaboration

Standard project management techniques are followed to ensure timely completion of goals including:

  • Advanced discovery of engineering, business, and IT issuesand challenges
  • Creation of project schedules that include milestones and deadlines
  • Mentoring and assistance during implementation
  • Training for users and administrators at all skill levels
  • Post implementation telephone and on-site support

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Let us work with you to determine the best Datamax option for you.