Founded in 1983 as one of the first AutoCAD resellers in the country, KETIV has emerged as a trusted and respected partner for engineering and manufacturing firms in the Southwest. We're a leading Autodesk® solutions provider with 30 years experience delivering CAD/CAM software and services. KETIV has California offices in Brea and San Jose, an office in Phoenix, Arizona, an office in Portland, Oregon and an office in Seattle, Washington.

Our team of industry experts and engineers applies skills and experience to help clients become more profitable. We simplify the process of conceptualization, design, and production. One way we do that is to carefully match Autodesk® solutions to our clients' unique needs.

Clients rely on us to:

Recommend & Assist

Recommend and assist in the selection of Autodesk solutions based on their needs

Real World Training

Provide training that’s dependable, efficient, and tested in the real world


Deliver technical support that’s comprehensive, relevant, and reliable

Consult & Implement

Tap into our consulting and implementation services to achieve the best results

Our Mission is to help our engineering and manufacturing clients manage and transform their businesses through the use of our software solutions and services. We are committed developing best in class partnerships with our clients by the following three guiding principles:

    A Win-Win Business Attitude
    Our success corresponds with the success of our clients and partners. Our relationships with clients are built upon trust and mutually beneficial end-goals. We listen actively so that we understand our clients’ goals and objectives. Once we have a full comprehension of what they need to achieve, we tailor our products and services to help them meet these goals. We ask intelligent questions, listen to their answers, and re-calibrate as necessary. We make every effort to simplify problems, and apply best practices so that we can find solutions that are practical to implement.

    We encourage a candid exchange of ideas, and agree upon a clear path for execution. At KETIV, each of us is committed to stretching ourselves to ensure success. We are not afraid to take risks. We embrace accountability without placing blame. We apply this principle to our relationships with colleagues, clients, and suppliers.

    Our diverse and talented team brings many perspectives, experiences, and respected expertise to our work. We trust each other’s abilities, and our collaborative, can-do attitude differentiates us from others in the business. The team has expectations for each of us. We make decisions without compromising KETIV’s best interests, which, in turn, serves the best interests of our clients and suppliers.

KETIV - pronounced 'keh-TEEV'
"Ketiv" means "to be written" (ie. what should be copied to preserve accuracy). At KETIV we build strong relationships that are based on trust. We earn this trust by providing value and meeting commitments.

A Minority-Owned Business

KETIV is a qualified minority-owned business and has met all the certification criteria established by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. We are also a member of the Southern California Minority Business Development Council. Our Certificate Number is 7295.