Customer Success Stories

The relationships we enjoy with our customers are mutually beneficial. Many are leaders in efforts to improve technology to better our world. Working in different ways—in very different fields—they all rely on KETIV and our technology solutions to pioneer approaches that thrive on the very edge of innovation.

Take a look at how KETIV has enabled creative people to visualize their ideas before they’re real through digital prototyping.

Sunkist Growers

“Don't make the transition yourself. The partnership with KETIV has been great.”

Sunkist Research and Technical Services developed a flat fruit-packing machine using Autodesk Product Design Suite®, Autodesk Inventor® software, Autodesk 3ds Max®, Autodesk Showcase®, and Autodesk Vault®.

Sunkist worked with KETIV to transition from Pro/ENGINEER and now is on subscription with KETIV.

“There is a huge benefit to Subscription as Inventor just keeps getting better with each version. The stability and the toolset really provide a lot of value. We simply don’t have time to discover new features for our products on our own. Going to KETIV’s user event opens us up to what’s new in the products—or even new software entirely—so that we can continue to improve our people and our processes.”